Clinical Process Automation

The system that allows continuous innovation thanks to adaptive care paths to support all the operators involved.

Ability to use visual tools to design and adapt your processes dynamically and with minimal IT involvement.

Visual form design tools to easily create customized survey forms for different specialist branches.

Data Processing and Business Analytics.


Visual Designer

Dashboard Designer

Form Visual Designer

Widget Editor

Users Manager, Security & Monitor Tools

FHIR Server

Maximization of data potential

The digitization of processes and the adoption of various electronic systems has allowed healthcare companies to collect a lot of data. Often, however, the data collected are only available within the applications that generated them.

The challenge is therefore the sharing and protection of these data, in order to protect the company's information assets and to optimize clinical processes, thanks to the functional use of the same data collected.

Thanks to Nuvyta you can create monitoring dashboards equipped with information completeness and process validation checklists, through:

flexibility and simplicity of the design tool;

integrated collaboration functionalities;

centralized management of clinical data in standard FHIR format.


Interoperability and easy technological renewal

On the market persist many systems which, although stable, valid and well integrated, cannot be evolved. Thanks to its approach to interoperability, Nuvyta gives the possibility to create added value in scenarios where heterogeneous solutions coexist:

collecting data and displaying them in an innovative way on its graphical interface;

giving the opportunity to evolve processes through the use of the Workflow Manager and the Form Editor.


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